Family History Behind the Kimono (2000) Original size 30"x40"
Kimonos are not created to seasonal fads, but are designed as clothes that will contribute to Japan's traditional beauty.?To a Japanese woman a fine kimono is an adornment comparing to the jewels and furs worn by a European woman. Although the form of the garment never changes, a custom-made kimono is an original work by a creative artist. A splendid kimono is apt to be handed down from one generation to the next like a painting or a piece of jewellery.
Semi-formal kimono with Japanese plum design. Plums in bloom symbolise happiness.? Custom-made in 1964. Purpose: Worn in tea ceremony and to play the Koto - a long Japanese zither with thirteen strings. Owner: Aoi's mother (1964-1996), Aoi (1996- ) Aoi is living in North London, since 1998, with her English husband. She wore her kimono for her husband's birthday.